A group of school children excitedly makes its way along a path that follows a bubbling stream. Suddenly, a mule deer doe and her fawn step out from the sheltering woods. Spellbound, the children watch as the deer glance their way and quietly move back into the shadows. You would never think this could happen in the middle of Idaho’s busy capital city! But, for 23 years, the MK Nature Center has provided such experiences to its visitors. We facilitate connections with nature through educational programs, special events and daily visits by the public.

The MK Nature Center is both a busy educational facility and a peaceful refuge for wildlife and people. Hosting nearly 150,000 people each year, our visitors include classes of exuberant students and teachers; educational event participants; and photographers, birdwatchers, wildlife watchers, fish enthusiasts, scientists, and those just seeking some peace and quiet. Our convenient location along the Boise Greenbelt, near the heart of the capital city, free admission and a wide spectrum of educational and natural experiences make the MK Nature Center a popular destination.

The MK Nature Center depends upon the support of a vibrant community. In turn, the MK Nature Center supports our community by offering internships, work-study positions, community service and volunteer opportunities to several hundred people each year. We serve as an outdoor classroom for local schools and organizations. Our auditorium is a meeting place for local clubs, civic groups, government agencies as well as private individuals and businesses.

The MK Nature Center is truly an extraordinary place. Understandably, many people do not realize that we are, in large part, dependent upon the generosity of our supporters. Many of the site enhancements and special projects would not be possible without outside funding.

We sincerely thank our supporters and invite you to help support this much-loved facility:

“. . .nature centers are among the jewels of American culture, uncelebrated, greatly loved, and well positioned now to do heroic kinds of things, in a quiet and unassuming way.”

David Orr 2007

Please help support the Treasure Valley’s own jewel, the MK Nature Center. Thank you!

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