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The Idaho Law Foundation's Law Related Education Program works to educate students of all ages about the role of law in a democratic society

Democracy, civics and active participation in the community are not things with which we are born; they must be learned. This is why Law Related Education brings vital and engaging civics and law related education programs into schools and the community, teaching participants of all ages the values and skills essential to being a participating citizen in our democracy.

Started in 1985 as a public service program of the Idaho Law Foundation, Idaho’s Law Related Education Program offer participants an avenue to:

  • Understand the law, court procedures, and our legal system;
  • Recognize the rights and responsibilities of citizenship;
  • Foster positive attitudes about law as the basis of democratic society; and
  • Help people become positive, participating members of their communities.

A large body of research demonstrates the tangible benefits of civic learning programs such as Law Related Education. People who received high-quality civic learning are more likely than their counterparts to understand public issues, view political engagement as a means of addressing communal challenges, and participate in civic activities.

Our engaging and interactive program offerings include:

High School Mock Trial Competition: Participating teams from high schools all across Idaho prepare and present a hypothetical legal case in a simulated courtroom competition. Each team must work to learn the facts of the case and create strategies for trial.

Lawyers in the Classroom: Volunteer lawyers and teachers join together to teach students about important law related and civic subjects, prepared with lesson plans developed by LRE staff.

Turning 18 in Idaho: With information from this important publication, offered free of charge to all Idaho schools, young people better understand their rights and responsibilities as they reach the age of majority. LRE also recruits volunteer attorneys to visit classrooms and speak to students about the contents.

Citizens’ Law Academy: This free adult education program offers a glimpse into the law, our legal system, and the work of lawyers and judges. Citizens’ Law Academy helps participants appreciate the laws affecting their daily lives, discover how lawyers serve the public, and allows participants to develop positive interactions with the legal community.

We are reminded by the great diplomat and educator Edward Everett that education is a better safeguard of liberty than any standing army. With your donation, you are helping to safeguard the important civic ideals shared with Idaho students through Law Related Education.

We encourage you and all the people across Idaho who believe in the importance of civic education, who champion the rule of law, to stand with the Idaho Law Foundation and make an investment in the Foundation’s Law Related Education Program.

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