We help support Idaho 4-H to empower youth to reach their full potential through working and learning in partnership with caring adults.

Who We Are

4-H prepares young people to step up to the challenges in their community and the world. Using research-based programming around positive youth development, 4-H youths get the hands-on, real world experience they need to become leaders. Through America’s 109 land-grant universities and its Cooperative Extension System, 4-H reaches every corner of our nation—from urban neighborhoods to suburban schoolyards to rural farming communities. With a network of more than 6 million youths, 540,000 volunteers, 3,500 professionals, and more than 60 million alumni, 4-H helps shape youths to move our country and the world forward in ways that no other youth organization can.


The 4-H movement began more than 100 years ago and revolutionized how science was taught outside the classroom through practical, hands-on programs and experiences. 4-H was also one of the first organizations in America that taught young people leadership skills and how to positively impact their communities. Idaho 4-H started in 1912, and has served tens of thousands of Idaho youths throughout the state through traditional community clubs, afterschool programs, day camps, summer camps, statewide and national conferences, and international exchange programs.


The Study of 4-H Positive Youth Development shows that 4-H youths achieve higher marks in school and are more likely to attend college and contribute to their communities at higher rates than their peers. Research specific to Idaho youths shows that 4-H members are far less likely to engage in risky negative behaviors such as alcohol, drug, or tobacco use. Idaho 4-H members are more likely to be involved in service projects that help others and in school and community leadership roles, and express a willingness to speak with parents or guardians about important issues such as drugs, alcohol, or sex.

How Does your donation Help Idaho 4-H?

Idaho Friends of 4-H, allows individuals, groups, and businesses to show their support for the Idaho 4-H program. As a contributor to Friends of 4-H, you will support Idaho’s kids and help “to make the best better.” You will join thousands of other donors to support the state's largest youth serving organization and touch the lives of more than 36,000 youth and 4,000 volunteers across Idaho each year.

How Are Donations Used?

  • Contributions are used to support and enhance 4-H programs throughout Idaho by funding 4-H events, educational resources, college scholarships, youth leadership training, and volunteer training.
  • Contributors may designate gifts to support specific county 4-H programs, scholarships for higher education or youth or adult leadership activities, 4-H Afterschool, 4-H Science, 4-H Teen Conference, 4-H Know Your Government Conference, the 4-H Endowment, or other programs.

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