July of 1922 Camp Sweyolakan had its first campers and it has continued since that time.

Our camp has maintained its rustic outdoor atmosphere. However, we also need to do maintenance and improvements on buildings as well as increasing and improving our outdoor programming.

A major project that must be done is to rebuild most of the bathroom facilities in camp. We have completed two unit bathrooms and the community restroom but still have more to do. The bathroom facilities are 50 years old or more. In addition, they were built for girls and now 45% of our campers are male.

We must go forward and we need your help! Please be part of the legacy for the current generation and future generations!

Wish List 2014:

Replace 50 year-old bathrooms and make them co-ed.

New camp craft - e.g. pocket knives with non-serrated blades, tarps of varying sizes, clothesline rope, metal buckets, shovels, cook kits, pup tents or 2-person dome tents.

Waterfront equipment: rescue tubes, rescue fanny packs, banana board, rescue poles (3), lifeguard chairs for the dock (umbrellas would be greatly appreciated)

Canoe paddles - varying lengths (on-going replacements) $15-30 each


  • Serving dishes. Cost estimate $250
  • Fruit Slicer (manual or electric), Cost estimate $375

Spray tank with sprayer boom: $500 (Use for noxious weeds, spray for carpenter ants, water trails to control dust.)

Update/replace ropes course equipment: Helmets, harnesses (half and full-body), ropes.

Replace roofs – Sailors and Nokowana – Estimate $1,500 - $2,000 each. Replace roofs on most unit shelters.

Repair of the wooden tepee structure in Echo – The foundation of the old unit lodge has been damaged by an underground spring that has caused the floor and fireplace to shift. It is something that can be saved and volunteers may have the skills to make it happen.

Foundation repair of Health Cottage


  • Archery Equipment – back-drop net, bows, arrows
  • Coast Guard approved life jackets
  • Canoe paddles
  • Replacements for funyaks (child-size kayak)

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