The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation is committed to raising awareness and reducing the unacceptable impact of arthritis, a disease that affects over 50 million American adults and over 300,000 children.

We are leading the way to conquer the nation's leading cause of disability through increased education, outreach, research, advocacy and other vital programs and services.

Our goal is to reduce by 20% the number of people suffering from arthritis-related limitations by 2030.

We make arthritis unaccecptable through building involvement in the cause via advocacy, events, fundraising appeals, media relations and consumer information.

We provide access to the information and resources needed to minimize the impact of arthritis by mobilizing funds and capacity to create broader reach and engagement that will help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

We drive a strategic research agenda by mobilizing funding that offer major benefits for people with arthritis.

We influence policies and strategies to produce better outcomes for people with arthritis that support arthritis prevention, innovation and access to quality care.

We reduce arthritis-related disparities in health and health care through creating greater capacity to assist underserved populations affected by arthritis.

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